The Ultimate Article Marketing Schematic For Successful Marketers

Your heart starts beating faster, your hands are clammy and you have goose bumps. Have you ever felt that sensation when attempting to approach article marketing? Do you feel like your sentence structure or your subject of the article is not up to par? Relax, article marketing is not nearly as difficult as it seems. I want you to realize one thing; you can write about anything.

Let’s talk about the structure of your article first. Here’s how I picture my articles; I visualize myself as a real estate agent showing a newlywed couple their dream home. The house looks great, the view is perfect and it’s just the right size; that is my introduction. The content of my article is me telling the couple how low the crime rate is, how great the local school is and how close the mall is. Finally, my conclusion is telling the couple they can have their dream home absolutely free.

How can a newlywed couple, or any couple for that matter, resist their dream home absolutely free and no strings attached? The reality of your article as a network marketer is essentially painting a picture of someone’s dreams and telling them they can have it for free. Your aim is to provide the proper value and guidance to your audience and have the intention of helping, not selling. Many people make that mistake and wonder why they are still not making money.

Basic grammar and punctuation are huge. Be sure to read over your article several times or have someone proofread it for you. It’ll preserve your credibility and solidify your position as a leader. Really take your time tweaking your article and you will be grateful once you start seeing people are interested in your content.

Another tactic to use when writing articles is reading your article out loud. It makes a world of a difference when you actually hear your article being read as opposed to speed reading through and assuming everything sounds fine. I have caught myself on many occasions wondering how I actually constructed a particular sentence in my head and not realize how bizarre it sounded out loud. This technique is particularly useful when structuring your introduction and conclusion.

Next you need to assemble an alluring introduction and solid conclusion. The best way to construct these two sections is to think about your readers’ emotions. What is the best way to grab their attention? What sorts of emotions do people typically experience with your subject? How can you show that your content will help your readers? These sorts of questions open the doors to a variety of introductions. Start experimenting and have fun with it. Remember, you want to leave your reader engaged with your content.
Finally, you need actual content for your article. A lot of network marketers have a fear of coming up with a subject for their article, but there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Your articles can be about anything and everything. The only thing you need to do is avoid being stagnant in your marketing knowledge. If you can continue to read, watch or listen to other successful marketers, you can write all about it with your own perspective. You can also write product reviews and share your experiences with other people.

The possibilities are endless so there is no reason why you can’t get started with article marketing. Never become stagnant in your marketing knowledge, proofread your work and have fun with your introduction and conclusion and you will begin to see success with article marketing.