You Want Everyone To See Your Business Right? Gaining Maximum Exposure: Part 2

My previous entry talked about the importance of researching keywords and phrases to gain maximum exposure on the internet. I emphasized that the marketer who does their research will get much higher results compared to the marketer who just produces a high volume of marketing products. Now we can take your business exposure to an even higher level. You thought it couldn’t get better right?

This time, I want to talk about social bookmarking. You may have heard of sites like Digg, Reddit or StumbleUpon. You may have thought these social bookmarking sites are for random news articles or videos for the general public and you’re absolutely right! Now all you have to do is thrown your articles or videos in there to gain more publicity. Assuming you’re producing quality content, there’s no reason why your articles or videos won’t gain massive exposure.

What’s so great about social bookmarking? Well, if you can get your content submitted to several bookmarking sites, your content will slowly move up the search engine results. Your content moves up because social bookmarks increase the number of backlinks you have. The more backlinks you have, the more you up move up the search engine rankings. Again, if your content is of quality caliber, people who view social bookmarking sites may end up posting it on their sites and a chain reaction occurs.

Wait Kevin; there are tons of social bookmarking sites on the internet. Do you actually expect me to use each bookmarking service every time I have content to post? Yes I do. In fact, there is a simple service you can use to bookmark your content at the touch of a button. Go to and create an account. You can use their service free if you verify that you have an Onlywire button posted on one of your sites. Next, create an account with each social bookmarking site and save your login information in the spaces provided. Finally, if you use Mozilla Firefox, you can install an add on for Onlywire that is placed at the top of your browser.

That’s it! You are now set to bookmark your content to multiple sites at the touch of a button. After you’ve done your keyword research, you will see your content move up the search engine rankings much quicker once you start gaining backlinks. Remember, the key to moving up search engine rankings and gaining backlinks is through quality content. Don’t be tempted to throw sales pitches in your articles or videos because they will quickly be ignored. Do your research, offer value and make your content fun and personal; that will gain you maximum exposure to your business.

Kevin Tan
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You Want Everyone To See Your Business Right? Gaining Maximum Exposure: Part 1

Imagine your car breaking down every 5 minutes, your refrigerator being colder than the freezer, or a new disease incorrectly identified. These are all effects of insufficient research. Without the right amount of research, everything in life would be in complete disarray. Likewise, your network marketing business requires research in order to control how much your business grows. The kind of research network marketers use is called keyword research.

There are some people who just work hard. They make videos every day, write articles every day and interact with their social networks every day. Then there are some people who work smart. They do the research on keywords that will allow them to gain maximum exposure on the internet. These smart marketers may not make as many videos or write as many articles, yet they are able to generate more leads than the other group of marketers.

What does keyword research have to do with marketing? When you target words or phrases people are searching for, you are able to appear in search results and have more traffic going to your site. For example, if the phrase “protein bars with a cinnamon twist” was a popular search, you would want to implement it into your article or video description. The more popular the keyword is, the higher chance of you getting traffic to your site.

How do you find these keywords? There are a lot of tools out there to help you find keywords people are searching for; a lot of them are free. I personally use Google Adwords to find mine, but sometimes I supplement it with a few others. First, type in a broad keyword and search for it. Google will give you all the keywords it has that are related to your keyword. From there you can analyze how many searches are occurring on a monthly basis. Typically, the smaller number of searches translates into less competition. What you’re trying to find is a fairly high number of searches with the least amount of competition. That way you get the most traffic.

The next step to conducting your research is to see how much competition you have. Type the keyword you’re researching in Google’s search bar and make sure you put it in quotes. Look to the right and see how many search results come up from that keyword. If there are too many results, you might want to shy away from that keyword unless you’re willing to work up the rankings. Next, look at the Pay-Per-Click Ads to the right. If there are several advertisements there, it means people are willing to pay for that specific keyword and that’s a good sign.

Once you have your list of keywords, you need to implement them into your video or article. You don’t want to spam your keyword everywhere, because it may actually hurt your search engine rankings. More importantly, people stopping by to see your content as less professional and less valuable.

Don’t just work hard, work smart as well. One of the most effective tools of leveraging the internet for your network marketing business is doing keyword research. Stay tuned for part two of maximum exposure.

Kevin Tan
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Hey There Good Looking! I Think You’re Beautiful…Go Show Your Face To The World!

According to, Youtube is the fourth highest traffic website on the internet. You might think it’s a random tidbit to throw into a trivia game, but I like to call it a force to be reckoned with. You might have heard that building your network marketing business requires you to play with big numbers. The more numbers you play with, the higher chance of a sale. Imagine getting traffic just under the amount of traffic Google, Yahoo and Facebook get. Mind boggling isn’t it?

If you’re not familiar with Youtube, it’s a video hosting site that allows you to set up and customize your own personal channel. From there, you can upload videos and have people comment, rate and subscribe. As you post more videos, more and more people interested in your content become targeted traffic. The best part about Youtube is its ability to run 24/7. You can upload a video and let it funnel traffic to your lead capture page for you every single day without you exerting more effort.

Here’s the catch. You can’t post just anything you want about your business. Let me rephrase that. You can’t post just anything about your business that’s not valuable…at least you shouldn’t. The reason you shouldn’t post just anything is because you are trying to separate yourself from the thousands of affiliates posting the same stuff you are. I’m referring to the generic videos that companies make that talk about their opportunity.

Guess what, 97% of marketers are using the same videos and if someone said no to the opportunity before, what makes you think the same video will change their mind? If you truly understand attraction marketing, you’ll realize that offering a solution to people by giving tips or training to build their own business could actually lead to doing business with that person someday. If you give people value, you’ll be able to develop a valuable relationship with them.

Go on; show your face to the world. Like I said in my title, you’re beautiful and have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. If you truly believe that you can offer value to assist people and help them get where they need to be, you need to get out there and talk to the camera. We are marketers after all.

“But Kevin, this guy got X number of sign ups using this video.” Congrats. Chances are the sign ups were people driven by the compensation plan and overnight success promise. Give those sign ups some time and they are likely to quit when they don’t see the money they wanted. Now, imagine getting a few sign ups that see the value you are providing and are very serious about building their business. Let’s decide which scenario is more desirable. Would you rather have 100 sign ups and brag about your numbers only to have them quit in a month or have 5 sign ups that know how to market and can duplicate what you’re teaching? You be the judge.

Look into video marketing. Take advantage of its ability to run on autopilot and make a lasting impression. Keep in mind the content you post and you will be able to develop quality relationships with people who are serious network marketers. Oh yea, smile you’re on camera.

Cure Yourself From Bunny Rabbit Syndrome…Hopping Businesses Is No Joke…

There’s a disease flourishing in the network marketing industry…and no it’s not the flu. I call it bunny rabbit syndrome and it’s not a funny thing if you’re the victim. Allow me to list a few of the most common symptoms:

• Obsession with new business opportunities
• Incessant sales pitching
• Lethargic toward learning marketing concepts

These three symptoms cause many struggling marketers a lifetime of headaches and empty pockets. Unfortunately these marketers attempt to look for quick fixes to their struggling business by joining a “bigger and better opportunity.” The cycle continues and their business is never given the proper opportunity to prosper. Day in and day out, affiliate links are spammed all over the internet in hopes that the numbers game will roll in their favor.

How did such an unfortunate cycle occur in the first place? Why are these struggling marketers in a constant loop of joining an opportunity that promises them a top place holder? Is there something wrong with every business opportunity? These three questions are important to answer in order to assist in pulling marketers out of the bunny rabbit syndrome loop.

First, the cycle came into existence when the new marketer had no idea how to actually market. They saw an opportunity that promised a life of financial freedom and being an instigator of changing circumstances for the better, they enrolled for the opportunity. However, network marketing requires a set of skills that allows an opportunity to prosper and their upline failed to train them. The marketer ends up quitting and finds another opportunity that seems better and more money is spent. Again, the upline fails to train them and they quit.

Notice I don’t even mention certain opportunities, because most opportunities are the same. Most network marketing companies offer quality products, a lucrative compensation plan and great incentives. The problem lies in the lack of marketing training. People continue to join new companies because they don’t have the right marketing training and make emotion based decision due to the hype of the company.

How do you cure this marketing ailment? First look at the term “network marketing”. It’s not just “networking,” because you have to learn how to market. Adding friends on Facebook won’t explode your business and posting your affiliate links on people’s walls won’t either. You have to understand the fundamental concepts of marketing involving list building and copywriting. Attend webinars, read books and watch videos on improving your marketing skills. If you invest the time and effort to change your network marketing lifestyle, you’ll soon realize the effects of the bunny rabbit syndrome slowly fade away.

Just like offline marketing, online marketing requires patience and hard work. If you expect overnight payments that a new opportunity promises you for the rest of your life, you are sadly mistaken. Wake up, smell the coffee and shake off syndrome...your business opportunity will thank you later.

*Sigh* It’s Just One Of Those Days… Time Flies…When You’re Not Having Fun?

Everyone agrees time is your most valuable asset. Whether it’s time with loved ones, time at community service or time building your business, you require a skill called time management. Imagine how unproductive your life would be if you didn’t understand the importance of time management. How prepared would you be for your next presentation? How disappointed would your family be if you didn’t make a recital on time? Truth be told, your life would be utter chaos.

Walk with me to the network marketing realm. Let’s say you’re just starting to build your business and you’re beginning to understand the concepts of marketing. Slowly, your list of leads begins to grow and your time is slowly leaning heavily on keeping track of your current leads. Now you hardly have enough time to bring in more leads. How can your business grow? The answer lies in an autoresponder.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of an autoresponder, the name says it all; it sends automatic messages for you. Now you are able to create a list of e-mails at one time and have them automatically sent to each of your leads. Now instead of writing out e-mails and going through everyone in your address book, all you have to do is have a prospect subscribe to your list.

The second step for automating your business is a system that tracks your marketing campaigns. The internet is pretty big and you may be marketing in all sorts of places. Now that you’re generating leads, how do you capitalize on that? You have to know which methods are working and which are not. I mean, why would you keep using methods that aren’t helping you build your business? It’s just poor time management and you’re leaving money on the table.

We are naturally programmed to find easier ways to do things. We want things to happen faster, more efficiently and at a lesser cost. Building your network marketing business is no different. You want to build your business bigger and faster, so start implementing automated systems that carry a heavy workload so you can bring more people into your business. We all have 24 hours in a day; the question is who is smart enough to find ways that leverage the most amount of work in those 24 hours.

What I’m suggesting is not a system that promises to do all the work for you. You can’t set it and forget it. There will be many hours spent setting it up and even more hours generating leads. But now you have the freedom to do even more marketing and expand your boundaries. Work hard, but work smart as well. Efficiency is the key to elevating your primary opportunity, so leverage your time properly and you will see significant changes in your business.

Kevin Tan
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You Know You Want Financial Freedom…But Why Aren’t You There Yet? Here’s One Simple Tactic You May Have Overlooked

It’s amazing how many people wish for financial freedom; practically everyone. However, the people who take action are the ones who consistently do something every day to change their circumstances. If you’re reading this, you’re someone who is taking action. I once heard a great quote that stated, “Dreams without action remain dreams, but action without a plan becomes a nightmare.”

Simply stated, you need a plan for your financial freedom and you need to write it down. There are plenty of business opportunities in the network marketing realm to make a lucrative income, but if you don’t set some sort of standard or benchmark, you will never be able to find the freedom you desire.

Network marketing is an amazing money making opportunity, but there’s no way to succeed without laying down your plans. I’m talking about differentiating between short term and long term goals. What’s the difference? Long term goals are the goals that you want to achieve in five to ten years. Short term goals are the goals that you want to achieve on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Some people have different definitions as to what constitutes a long or short term goal, but we’ll stick to these numbers to keep it basic.

It’s not enough to say,” I want to be financially free” or “I want to make six figures.” In order to set a proper goal, be as specific as possible and put numbers into it. For example, “I want to be financially free in ten years” or “I want my child’s college paid for no matter where they go.” These are two solid examples of long term goals. Notice there are numbers involved for financial independence and multiple options available to your child’s choice for college.

Now, let’s define your short term goals. A few good examples are, “I am going to write a high quality article everyday” or “I’m going to call 10-15 leads every week.” Again, numbers are involved, time spans are implemented and therefore the goals are more realistic.

Defining these two types of goals will create momentum in your business activity. By completing your short term goals, you get a step closer to your long term goals. Your long term goals give you a reason to complete your short term goals. They complement each other and help you achieve more without becoming overwhelmed.

Now that you know what your goals are, it’s time to write them down. Put your goals on a piece of paper and place it where you will see it every single day. Every night, write down your goals for the next day so you can approach the next day with a purpose. It may sound tedious at first, but you will soon realize how valuable this practice is.

Goal setting is just as essential as developing a craft. Building your business needs a realistic vision with attainable goals. Start writing down your goals today and watch your business elevate to a new level.

The Ultimate Article Marketing Schematic For Successful Marketers

Your heart starts beating faster, your hands are clammy and you have goose bumps. Have you ever felt that sensation when attempting to approach article marketing? Do you feel like your sentence structure or your subject of the article is not up to par? Relax, article marketing is not nearly as difficult as it seems. I want you to realize one thing; you can write about anything.

Let’s talk about the structure of your article first. Here’s how I picture my articles; I visualize myself as a real estate agent showing a newlywed couple their dream home. The house looks great, the view is perfect and it’s just the right size; that is my introduction. The content of my article is me telling the couple how low the crime rate is, how great the local school is and how close the mall is. Finally, my conclusion is telling the couple they can have their dream home absolutely free.

How can a newlywed couple, or any couple for that matter, resist their dream home absolutely free and no strings attached? The reality of your article as a network marketer is essentially painting a picture of someone’s dreams and telling them they can have it for free. Your aim is to provide the proper value and guidance to your audience and have the intention of helping, not selling. Many people make that mistake and wonder why they are still not making money.

Basic grammar and punctuation are huge. Be sure to read over your article several times or have someone proofread it for you. It’ll preserve your credibility and solidify your position as a leader. Really take your time tweaking your article and you will be grateful once you start seeing people are interested in your content.

Another tactic to use when writing articles is reading your article out loud. It makes a world of a difference when you actually hear your article being read as opposed to speed reading through and assuming everything sounds fine. I have caught myself on many occasions wondering how I actually constructed a particular sentence in my head and not realize how bizarre it sounded out loud. This technique is particularly useful when structuring your introduction and conclusion.

Next you need to assemble an alluring introduction and solid conclusion. The best way to construct these two sections is to think about your readers’ emotions. What is the best way to grab their attention? What sorts of emotions do people typically experience with your subject? How can you show that your content will help your readers? These sorts of questions open the doors to a variety of introductions. Start experimenting and have fun with it. Remember, you want to leave your reader engaged with your content.
Finally, you need actual content for your article. A lot of network marketers have a fear of coming up with a subject for their article, but there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Your articles can be about anything and everything. The only thing you need to do is avoid being stagnant in your marketing knowledge. If you can continue to read, watch or listen to other successful marketers, you can write all about it with your own perspective. You can also write product reviews and share your experiences with other people.

The possibilities are endless so there is no reason why you can’t get started with article marketing. Never become stagnant in your marketing knowledge, proofread your work and have fun with your introduction and conclusion and you will begin to see success with article marketing.

Still Sulking About Your Business? Check Out The #1 Way To Build Your Business Like A Pro

Attitude. Were you expecting something more tangible? Most people do. Most people tend to look for some concrete technique that’s going to ultimately transform their business as if there was some sort of Holy Grail to save them from the ultimate doom of network marketing failure. Unfortunately that is the attitude of an amateur.

Take a minute right now and do a self evaluation. Do you wake up in the morning eager to bounce back from yesterday’s pitfalls? Are you looking for ways to improve what you’re succeeding in? Are you comparing yourself to someone who is seeing success at the moment and brooding over it? These are the questions winners ask themselves every day. It’s like taking a measuring stick and seeing how far on track you are to reaching your daily and long term goals.

You may have heard the quote “It is your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude.” Imagine if you jumped into the deep end of the pool thinking you were going to drown. The battle is already lost when you don’t continue to struggle to stay above the surface. Take a look at science and technology. Years of failed experiments and sacrifice are nullified the instant an experiment becomes a success. Out of one hundred phone calls, are ninety-nine “No’s” worth a “Yes”?

If you feel making that many phone calls to get one person is a waste of time, you simply don’t have the endurance to deal with a network marketing business. You have to realize winners and losers have the same opportunities to do something for themselves, but it’s the winners that decided to stay in long enough to see the success. The winners know that the moment they quit is the moment they realize how close to success they actually were.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Batman Begins, there’s a scene where Bruce Wayne as a young boy falls down and his father asks, “And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” That winning attitude carried Bruce Wayne through all his life. Even when all of Gotham City was destined to be destroyed by corruption, Bruce made a decision to turn things around.

Do you have that kind of attitude? When things are falling apart are you still willing to give everything you have to turn things around? You may have been disappointed at the beginning of this article, but a winning attitude in your business trumps any software, new business opportunity or replicated site. Once you realize this, there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from succeeding.

Kevin Tan
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The Matrix Myth Exposed

I received a message a few days ago via Facebook. Now usually I don't take the time to read most messages simply because there are a ton to go through. However, this one caught my eye and I found the message valuable and worth sharing.


"A caller recently said he's joining an MLM company because they promised him spillover. "They are lying to him!"

The guy called back later and said, "I point-blank asked them if I'd get people put underneath me, and the guy said, Well, we can't guarantee that.'" Spillover - Creating a Welfare Mentality

Good people don't want welfare. They want to build it themselves. They just want to learn the skills they need to build this business and create residual income, money that's coming in week after week, year after year, and they can will it to their children's children.

When you look at a lot of network marketing websites, you often see that word "spillover." The proposition, more or less, is, "get in now, today, and you'll get all this spillover."

In 27 years, I have never, ever, ever seen anybody get spillover, having somebody build it for them.

And if you look closely at the compensation plans of the companies that promote spillover, you'll find out that those who get spillover usually don't get paid on it. There are other hoops to jump through to get paid on that spillover, and these people rarely ever qualify.
So it's the person who actually does the work who gets the pay¶ what a novel idea!

Companies & reps use "spillover" as a tool to drag in people who think they can build a business without doing any work. In other words, no sponsoring, no recruiting. It targets that type of person.

When You Say "Spillover", You Are Targeting Quitters!

When you see a network marketing company that promotes spillover on their website, they're looking for welfare-minded people. The problem for you is, you can't build with these people, unless YOU do all the work! That's what they expect. And when you don't build their business, they'll be off somewhere else, looking for a better welfare plan.
So really, when you or your company promote spillover, you are targeting people who will not be with you long-term. And in network marketing, that makes absolutely no sense. The failure rate will be 100%.

And Here's Why The Leads You Buy Tell You To Go Pound Sand!

The quickest way to build a huge list is to offer the moon and require nothing (no money, no work, no purchase) in return. You'll see companies promoting "we've signed up more people faster than anybody else in the history of network marketing." Problem is, there's nobody ordering any product. It's just a bunch of names on a list - but now they can call these people "network marketers."

Then they turn around and sell this huge database of worthless names (an "MLM geneology list") For $10,000 each to 10 different list brokers. BAM! That's $100,000 profit! And then the list brokers sell these "leads" to all the people in network marketing who want to build their business - including YOU!

So you pay $2-$3 a lead for these people, you call them up, and they tell you, "Hey! You‚Äre nuts! I've never been in network marketing!" They don't even know what it is. They just opted in to some pie-in-the-sky list, hoping to get something for nothing.

Conclusion? Run like heck from any company focused on "spillover" - and ALWAYS generate your own leads."

I can't agree more with this message guys. It's exactly what I aim to do so get out of the welfare mentality and target winners who will help grow your business. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day :).

Your #1 Fan,
Kevin Tan