Cure Yourself From Bunny Rabbit Syndrome…Hopping Businesses Is No Joke…

There’s a disease flourishing in the network marketing industry…and no it’s not the flu. I call it bunny rabbit syndrome and it’s not a funny thing if you’re the victim. Allow me to list a few of the most common symptoms:

• Obsession with new business opportunities
• Incessant sales pitching
• Lethargic toward learning marketing concepts

These three symptoms cause many struggling marketers a lifetime of headaches and empty pockets. Unfortunately these marketers attempt to look for quick fixes to their struggling business by joining a “bigger and better opportunity.” The cycle continues and their business is never given the proper opportunity to prosper. Day in and day out, affiliate links are spammed all over the internet in hopes that the numbers game will roll in their favor.

How did such an unfortunate cycle occur in the first place? Why are these struggling marketers in a constant loop of joining an opportunity that promises them a top place holder? Is there something wrong with every business opportunity? These three questions are important to answer in order to assist in pulling marketers out of the bunny rabbit syndrome loop.

First, the cycle came into existence when the new marketer had no idea how to actually market. They saw an opportunity that promised a life of financial freedom and being an instigator of changing circumstances for the better, they enrolled for the opportunity. However, network marketing requires a set of skills that allows an opportunity to prosper and their upline failed to train them. The marketer ends up quitting and finds another opportunity that seems better and more money is spent. Again, the upline fails to train them and they quit.

Notice I don’t even mention certain opportunities, because most opportunities are the same. Most network marketing companies offer quality products, a lucrative compensation plan and great incentives. The problem lies in the lack of marketing training. People continue to join new companies because they don’t have the right marketing training and make emotion based decision due to the hype of the company.

How do you cure this marketing ailment? First look at the term “network marketing”. It’s not just “networking,” because you have to learn how to market. Adding friends on Facebook won’t explode your business and posting your affiliate links on people’s walls won’t either. You have to understand the fundamental concepts of marketing involving list building and copywriting. Attend webinars, read books and watch videos on improving your marketing skills. If you invest the time and effort to change your network marketing lifestyle, you’ll soon realize the effects of the bunny rabbit syndrome slowly fade away.

Just like offline marketing, online marketing requires patience and hard work. If you expect overnight payments that a new opportunity promises you for the rest of your life, you are sadly mistaken. Wake up, smell the coffee and shake off syndrome...your business opportunity will thank you later.