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Article Marketing Tips: How To Build Permanent Traffic With Article Marketing

I recently had a discussion with a fellow marketer who inquired about the benefits of article writing. The conversation was simply a time to exchange our favorite marketing methods. I told him my favorite way to market was through article marketing.

The reason why article marketing is my favorite way to market is twofold. First, I actually enjoy writing down my ideas and sharing them. Secondly it is a great way to build a large amount of permanent traffic. Allow me to explain.

Currently, Web 2.0 is the hottest method of marketing. These social network sites have large amounts of traffic daily and there is plenty of interaction between marketers. The only downside to social marketing is the time allotted to market to a limited number of people.

You see, as a business owner, your most valuable asset is your time. When you set aside 2 hours of your day talking to 10 people, you have lost 2 hours talking to 100 people. It is simply not convenient for you to chat with 100 people at the same time outside of a webinar. I can't imagine switching windows and remembering who I'm talking to and about what topic for 2 hours or more a day.

Sure, you may get a more intimate relationship with a prospect and they may be more inclined to join you in your business, but what about the other nine people you are talking to? What are the chances all ten prospects end up doing business with you?

My friend, building your business is a numbers game. The more traffic you can get to your site, the more sales you make. Don't get me wrong, I believe relationships are what drive your business to an optimal level, but driving massive amounts of traffic to your site will give you the opportunity to build numerous relationships. This is where article marketing comes into the picture.

The beauty of article marketing lies in your ability to interact with your reader as if you were chatting with them. It is not a file you throw together in 5 minutes, but rather a structured and educational resource that will leave your reader satisfied.

Here are a few guidelines I personally use to structure my articles:

- I always try to learn as much as I can before I write an article

- I try to find a personal experience to relate to the topic at hand

- Imagine I am speaking to my reader personally and answer any possible questions that could come up in that conversation

When you write an article, you are trying to show your reader that you have some sort of expertise in the given subject. Many times, I find very short and obvious articles. These articles hardly have any content and typically give you very obvious tips. There is no interaction whatsoever and the structure makes it hard to read.

Relating to your reader by sharing a part of yourself, you give them the idea that you are a real person and a possibility that the topic you are discussing could affect them in a similar way. Developing a personal relationship with your reader creates more room for trust.

I highly recommend you read your article out loud as you revise it. By hearing it, you have the opportunity to make grammatical corrections and react to certain pieces of the article. You'll be able to question any claims you make and make your article more solid overall.

Like I mentioned earlier, article marketing has the potential to give you a solid flow of permanent traffic and give you time to market in other places. You have the opportunity to build your business much faster while qualifying your leads.

If you decide to start building your business with article marketing, write down the three guidelines I use. They're simple to remember and so effective when implemented in your writing. Know what you're talking about, create trust with your reader, and solidify that trust by filling any holes that could arise.

Article writing may not allow you to chat with people in Web 2.0, but creating a relationship with your reader allows you to share some value, build trust and create a prospect every day. Start building your permanent traffic today.

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