The Top 5 Troublemakers in Finding Online Business Leads

I'm sure you'll agree online business is a remarkable and exciting venture. On the flip side, it can be extremely difficult and quite stressful. The business is fun when you're pulling in people and making money, but when no one is joining and your PayPal account is empty the future looks bleak.

I'm here to tell you not to give up! I want to list out the top five troublemakers most marketers have in their business and how to overcome them so bear with me.

1. Friends and Family

Please don't misinterpret what I mean. This is typically a troublesome area, because these people are close to us. As much as we love them, they are typically not good business partners. In fact, you may end up alienating them because they don't have an interest in your business.

Let's say your best friend Mike is the most charismatic and sharp person you know, and you think this business opportunity will be perfect for him. As soon as you tell Mike all about it, you hear the dreaded word, "No". You then begin to proceed in telling him all the fantastic qualities again. This time Mike gets annoyed and begins avoiding you. You have alienated friend number one.


Learn to find your target market. Your target market needs to be opportunity buyers rather than opportunity seekers. Let me explain the difference. Opportunity seekers are interested in hearing an opportunity. Opportunity buyers are walking around with their wallet open, because they are already exposed to your field of business. Target these people and you have completed step one.

2. Replicated Sites

Almost every business opportunity has at least 3 different capture pages and there is a huge problem with that. Let's do a little math for a moment. Don't worry I'll keep the numbers basic. Let's say your business provides only one replicated site. Let's also say there are about 1000 people in the business.

Now place yourself in the shoes of a prospect. If you saw a replicated site 1000 times, how many times would you say yes after you turned it down the first time? I remember joining a great company with a solid track record. Their customer service and low monthly rate were top of the line. However, the replicated sites were being used by the thousands maybe even millions by now. I never got a sign up for my downline and nearly quit the industry.


Create your own lead capture page. People don't want to see an opportunity for the millionth time, they want to see who you are and why they should listen to you. Customize your page talking about you, not your business.

3. Hopping Businesses

I used to do this and I lost a lot of money so keep your wallets and purses closed. New businesses pop up and get hyped up everyday. Plus the compensation plans always seem to get better. Think back and count how mnay times you heard of the latest and greatest business opportunity coming up. Then think of the moment someone told you to hurry before the matrix fills up and you miss out. The habit of business hopping is purely emotional and can get you in a lot of trouble.


Find and research a business and stick with it. Begin setting an automated system in place and begin marketing. Consistency and value will help you grow your business, not new compensation plans.

4. Relying On The "Gurus"

How many self-proclaimed gurus are out there? Every corner I turn, there's always a guru standing there telling me how to do things. You joined this industry to break out of the rat race. I remember hopping from business to business because of these supposed gurus. Don't get caught up in another one by following these gurus.


Your business relies on you. It's wise to listen to more experienced marketers but never submit to everything they have to say. Start investing in yourself and become a face in the industry. You will become a leader and people will begin seeking you out.

5. Lack of Education

The previous 4 reasons are obstacles because of lack of education. Become a student of the industry and people will seek knowledge from you. The more knowledge you possess, the more valuable you are to people, because people need someone who can help solve their problems. Once you become the go-to person, there is no limit to the success of your business.

These are the top 5 troublemakers in finding online business leads. Once you overcome these obstacles, you will open the doors to massive success. I have already made the mistakes for you so you can succeed and reach your goals faster. I sincerely hope this has helped you in your journey and I look forward to providing you more value in the future.

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Have you ever done any kind of physical exertion to the point that it hurts? Maybe you tried to give up fast food or jog 3 miles. Sometimes it hurts seeing your friends chomping down a quarter pounder supersized or you start feeling the burn at 1 mile.

Why do we tolerate the pain? Do we enjoy hurting ourselves in some way? Absolutely not!

We tolerate some sort of suffering in order to strengthen ourselves; whether it's physically or mentally. We continue to push ourselves to the limit to grow our willpower and feel triumph in the end.

Why then, are 97% of internet marketers failing? Are they terrible internet marketers? Of course not, it is simply a matter of willpower. You can't lose 20 pounds overnight or not feel urges to go to Wendy's at midnight in a few days, so why should it be any different with internet marketing?

Support groups always give way to the best success rate. If you constantly have someone encouraging you to reach your goals, you will have a high success rate.

So don't sweat the failures right now, we've all been there. Fight through the pain and you will see your success in the end. I know this, because I'm here to help.

"It's not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life; it is how you handle what happens to you."

-Zig Ziglar

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If you're in an internet marketing business, chances are your goal is to make some money in a relatively short amount of time. The 9-5 job just isn't cutting it anymore, time with family is important, and the list goes on. I've my fair share of reasons.

The first book I read to bring my mind to a business mindset was Rich Dad Poor Dad which is typically everyone's first book. But each time I read it, I gain more and more insight to my own business.

The first thing I want to point out is that money is not bad. Rich people typically get a bad reputation usually though media. This rich person had a scandal, this rich person committed fraud, etc. A lot of times, however, there are a lot of good things happening because of rich people.

I was working with a financial company not too long ago and every successful person in there had the goal to be rich so they could give it back. They had certain charities they were quite active in and it made me want to be rich as well.

Rich people is usually associated with greed. If your intentions are to make some sort of difference in the world, then let's make some money together.

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I had a conversation earlier with another internet marketer on Facebook. One had approached me on several occasions and was honestly quite friendly. From previous discussions, he had given me the impression he was doing great in his primary business which I thought was fantastic.

The only problem was he kept attempting to sell me on his opportunity to which I had no interest in. I then proceeded to ask him what marketing techniques he preferred and he replied Facebook. His reason was the opportunity to interview prospects and build a team.

I told him I preferred article marketing because of the permanent traffic with quality leads. His replies thereafter were doubtful and close minded.

I then explained to him that the ultimate goal of a marketer was making a sale. He told me it was building a team. I asked him how he was making money and tried to clarify that signing people up to his opportunity was in fact a sale.

Bottom line is this. There are people out there who need help and acknowledge it. There are people who don't need help and still seek to better themselves. And there are people who allow their pride to get in the way and stunt their growth as a marketer.

Know your value as an internet marketer and stick to your guns. It's too chaotic in this industry for you to just do what everyone tells you.

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