Time Out...What's Your Marketing Value?

I had a conversation earlier with another internet marketer on Facebook. One had approached me on several occasions and was honestly quite friendly. From previous discussions, he had given me the impression he was doing great in his primary business which I thought was fantastic.

The only problem was he kept attempting to sell me on his opportunity to which I had no interest in. I then proceeded to ask him what marketing techniques he preferred and he replied Facebook. His reason was the opportunity to interview prospects and build a team.

I told him I preferred article marketing because of the permanent traffic with quality leads. His replies thereafter were doubtful and close minded.

I then explained to him that the ultimate goal of a marketer was making a sale. He told me it was building a team. I asked him how he was making money and tried to clarify that signing people up to his opportunity was in fact a sale.

Bottom line is this. There are people out there who need help and acknowledge it. There are people who don't need help and still seek to better themselves. And there are people who allow their pride to get in the way and stunt their growth as a marketer.

Know your value as an internet marketer and stick to your guns. It's too chaotic in this industry for you to just do what everyone tells you.