Still Sulking About Your Business? Check Out The #1 Way To Build Your Business Like A Pro

Attitude. Were you expecting something more tangible? Most people do. Most people tend to look for some concrete technique that’s going to ultimately transform their business as if there was some sort of Holy Grail to save them from the ultimate doom of network marketing failure. Unfortunately that is the attitude of an amateur.

Take a minute right now and do a self evaluation. Do you wake up in the morning eager to bounce back from yesterday’s pitfalls? Are you looking for ways to improve what you’re succeeding in? Are you comparing yourself to someone who is seeing success at the moment and brooding over it? These are the questions winners ask themselves every day. It’s like taking a measuring stick and seeing how far on track you are to reaching your daily and long term goals.

You may have heard the quote “It is your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude.” Imagine if you jumped into the deep end of the pool thinking you were going to drown. The battle is already lost when you don’t continue to struggle to stay above the surface. Take a look at science and technology. Years of failed experiments and sacrifice are nullified the instant an experiment becomes a success. Out of one hundred phone calls, are ninety-nine “No’s” worth a “Yes”?

If you feel making that many phone calls to get one person is a waste of time, you simply don’t have the endurance to deal with a network marketing business. You have to realize winners and losers have the same opportunities to do something for themselves, but it’s the winners that decided to stay in long enough to see the success. The winners know that the moment they quit is the moment they realize how close to success they actually were.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Batman Begins, there’s a scene where Bruce Wayne as a young boy falls down and his father asks, “And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” That winning attitude carried Bruce Wayne through all his life. Even when all of Gotham City was destined to be destroyed by corruption, Bruce made a decision to turn things around.

Do you have that kind of attitude? When things are falling apart are you still willing to give everything you have to turn things around? You may have been disappointed at the beginning of this article, but a winning attitude in your business trumps any software, new business opportunity or replicated site. Once you realize this, there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from succeeding.

Kevin Tan
Business Swagger