*Sigh* It’s Just One Of Those Days… Time Flies…When You’re Not Having Fun?

Everyone agrees time is your most valuable asset. Whether it’s time with loved ones, time at community service or time building your business, you require a skill called time management. Imagine how unproductive your life would be if you didn’t understand the importance of time management. How prepared would you be for your next presentation? How disappointed would your family be if you didn’t make a recital on time? Truth be told, your life would be utter chaos.

Walk with me to the network marketing realm. Let’s say you’re just starting to build your business and you’re beginning to understand the concepts of marketing. Slowly, your list of leads begins to grow and your time is slowly leaning heavily on keeping track of your current leads. Now you hardly have enough time to bring in more leads. How can your business grow? The answer lies in an autoresponder.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of an autoresponder, the name says it all; it sends automatic messages for you. Now you are able to create a list of e-mails at one time and have them automatically sent to each of your leads. Now instead of writing out e-mails and going through everyone in your address book, all you have to do is have a prospect subscribe to your list.

The second step for automating your business is a system that tracks your marketing campaigns. The internet is pretty big and you may be marketing in all sorts of places. Now that you’re generating leads, how do you capitalize on that? You have to know which methods are working and which are not. I mean, why would you keep using methods that aren’t helping you build your business? It’s just poor time management and you’re leaving money on the table.

We are naturally programmed to find easier ways to do things. We want things to happen faster, more efficiently and at a lesser cost. Building your network marketing business is no different. You want to build your business bigger and faster, so start implementing automated systems that carry a heavy workload so you can bring more people into your business. We all have 24 hours in a day; the question is who is smart enough to find ways that leverage the most amount of work in those 24 hours.

What I’m suggesting is not a system that promises to do all the work for you. You can’t set it and forget it. There will be many hours spent setting it up and even more hours generating leads. But now you have the freedom to do even more marketing and expand your boundaries. Work hard, but work smart as well. Efficiency is the key to elevating your primary opportunity, so leverage your time properly and you will see significant changes in your business.

Kevin Tan
Business Swagger

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    # by Anonymous - October 17, 2009 at 5:50 AM

    Hey Kevin,
    Thanks for the AWESOME TIPS & ADVICE! Its a true pleasure to be connected with somebody so intelligent and business smart. I am currently in the process of "going to be" setting up my first autoresponder. I had an email campaign before, however it was not along the lines of an "autoresponder" ... I think once I break through the barrier of seeing this as a big wall and a lot of work setting it up. Once its complete, things will be much simpler and I'll be in TRUE marketing business. I really appreciate the wisdom shared here. I jotted down your phone # maybe we'll be in touch sometime. I'll also be re-tweeting as I do with valuable content. Please feel free to get in touch with me on FB or email at Curtis(at)Bizelli.ws - Blessings Brother!!!