Hey There Good Looking! I Think You’re Beautiful…Go Show Your Face To The World!

According to Alexa.com, Youtube is the fourth highest traffic website on the internet. You might think it’s a random tidbit to throw into a trivia game, but I like to call it a force to be reckoned with. You might have heard that building your network marketing business requires you to play with big numbers. The more numbers you play with, the higher chance of a sale. Imagine getting traffic just under the amount of traffic Google, Yahoo and Facebook get. Mind boggling isn’t it?

If you’re not familiar with Youtube, it’s a video hosting site that allows you to set up and customize your own personal channel. From there, you can upload videos and have people comment, rate and subscribe. As you post more videos, more and more people interested in your content become targeted traffic. The best part about Youtube is its ability to run 24/7. You can upload a video and let it funnel traffic to your lead capture page for you every single day without you exerting more effort.

Here’s the catch. You can’t post just anything you want about your business. Let me rephrase that. You can’t post just anything about your business that’s not valuable…at least you shouldn’t. The reason you shouldn’t post just anything is because you are trying to separate yourself from the thousands of affiliates posting the same stuff you are. I’m referring to the generic videos that companies make that talk about their opportunity.

Guess what, 97% of marketers are using the same videos and if someone said no to the opportunity before, what makes you think the same video will change their mind? If you truly understand attraction marketing, you’ll realize that offering a solution to people by giving tips or training to build their own business could actually lead to doing business with that person someday. If you give people value, you’ll be able to develop a valuable relationship with them.

Go on; show your face to the world. Like I said in my title, you’re beautiful and have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. If you truly believe that you can offer value to assist people and help them get where they need to be, you need to get out there and talk to the camera. We are marketers after all.

“But Kevin, this guy got X number of sign ups using this video.” Congrats. Chances are the sign ups were people driven by the compensation plan and overnight success promise. Give those sign ups some time and they are likely to quit when they don’t see the money they wanted. Now, imagine getting a few sign ups that see the value you are providing and are very serious about building their business. Let’s decide which scenario is more desirable. Would you rather have 100 sign ups and brag about your numbers only to have them quit in a month or have 5 sign ups that know how to market and can duplicate what you’re teaching? You be the judge.

Look into video marketing. Take advantage of its ability to run on autopilot and make a lasting impression. Keep in mind the content you post and you will be able to develop quality relationships with people who are serious network marketers. Oh yea, smile you’re on camera.