Mathematical Breakdown Of Top Income Earners And Regular Joes

The Mathematical Breakdown Of Top Income Earners And Regular Joes

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As you probably know already, I spent my whole college career studying engineering. As an engineer, I had to be a devout disciple of mathematics. If I wasn’t, I would get that lovely ‘F’ on my transcript.  Sounds pleasant right?

Anyway, I figured I could use those math skills to help break down ‘Top Income Earners vs. Regular Joes’ into concrete facts…after all numbers are what make the world go round.

So after many sleepless nights, piles of crumpled papers and head scratching, I was able to come up with the equation that accurately depicts the relationship between these two classes of network marketers.

Ready for it?

Top Income Earners Paycheck > Regular Joes Paycheck

Top Income Earners Paycheck = Massive Action; Regular Joes Paycheck = Massive Knowledge


Massive Action > Massive Knowledge

Does that blow your mind? It’s pretty amazing how simple math can make things (contrary to what many people think) and really demonstrate what it takes to become a top income earner.

I will be BRUTALLY honest with you. As a logic dominant person, I wanted to know everything there was to know about everything.  Even when I did offline marketing, I wanted to master what to say to every single personality type. I had to know exactly how to structure my conversations with people or I wouldn’t do it.

How many people did I sponsor doing that? A whopping ZERO!

Unfortunately, my behavior didn’t change on the internet. I wanted to know everything about SEO, how many backlinks to create every day, the ratio of keywords within an article etc. There was actually a moment when I first started where I spent my whole weekend marketing and was getting 10 leads a day. As soon as I started to try to be a know-it-all, my leads shrank down to 1 lead every other day.

If you started out offline like I did, your leaders probably told you that you could say the right things to the wrong people and not get them to sign up but you could say the WRONG things to the right people and they WOULD sign up. It was simply a numbers game.

Nothing changes here…except that you can increase your numbers dramatically.

I like to pose analogies to get my point across. Let’s say I’m extremely hungry (which I usually am) and I need something to eat. If I was given the option between a Crème brûlée and 10 hot dogs, I would most definitely choose the hot dogs. I may get the rich texture and sophisticated palette but which one is going to fill me up? There’s a lot to know about making a delicious dessert like Crème brûlée, but I can just throw those hot dogs on a grill and I’m satisfied.


Likewise, if you want to satisfy your success hunger, stick to the basics and fire up those hot dogs. The math doesn’t lie so let’s continue to play the numbers game.