Exclusive Interview With Network Marketing Leader David Wood

David Wood Challenges Entrepreneurs To Take MASSIVE Action

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I had the opportunity to interview David Wood, one of the top network marketers online and offline today.  I have listened and studied a lot of his prospecting strategies and they have translated into a complete overhaul in my business.

The information you’ll learn in this interview is coming from a guy who has been in the industry for 7 years and built a network marketing empire on the internet in under a year.  With only $200, Dave was able to PERSONALLY sponsor over a thousand reps into the largest attraction marketing system on the internet as well as over one hundred recruits in his primary business.  Even when his company went bankrupt, he was still able to hit the top level in his new company in under SIX MONTHS.  That’s definitely nothing short of phenomenal.

But keep in mind friend, the seven years of struggle is what made his transformation on the internet seem superhuman.  As he mentions in this interview, there’s always a story behind what you see in someone’s success.  Instead of sitting there comparing your results with other people, just put on the blinders and create massive amounts of action for your business.