How To Use Fear In Network Marketing

Being In Network Marketing Is The Thrill Of A Lifetime

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It can be good. It can be bad. It can hold us back from something that would otherwise feel better because we’re doing something out of our comfort zone or it can force us to dig ourselves out of a situation and cramping our lifestyle.

I remember the first time I was volunteered to sing a solo at church 10 minutes before the mass started.  I remember knowing I had a huge fear of getting in front of a congregation and looking at them stare at me.  I remember going into a room by myself trying to force the quivers out of my shaky voice.  I remember how embarrassed I was when I got down from the pulpit area.

Or the time I had to give a talk to my youth group.  I remember second guessing myself and being overly critical of my speech.

Or the first time I recorded a Youtube video. I remember recording and deleting at least 20 screw ups before I was decently satisfied.

And yet, today I am able to create videos without an ounce of sweat dripping from my forehead and talk to people with complete confidence.

What changed? How was I able to start making videos without dropping beads of sweat everywhere? How was I able to call people and not have an inkling of fear?

It’s simple actually. I just chose to have fear work for me.

I chose to have the fear of being a regular corporate drone drive me.  I chose to have the fear of being ordinary drive me. I chose to have the fear of not having financial stability for myself and my family drive me.

Take your fear and flip it to work for your network marketing business. It doesn’t matter if you failed in MLM before, it doesn’t matter if you’re scared to call your leads…it’s all about looking at the glass half empty or full.